The Age Advantage: Making the Most of Your Midlife Career Transition by Jean Erickson Walker, Ed.D.


The corporate ladder is gone and you're on your own!

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Jean Erickson Walker, Ed.D., CMF is an accomplished Executive Coach based in Portland, OR who brings a wealth of experience gained over twenty years in Executive Coaching, Career Counseling and Leadership Development across a broad range of industries, non-profit organizations, and boards of directors.

Dr. Walker is the author of The Age Advantage: Making the Most of Your Midlife Career Transition (Putnam/Penguin, Sept. 2000). An engaging speaker and author who consistently challenges her audiences to rise above their own limitations and expectations, she is described by Publishers Weekly as "Blunt, Compassionate and Effective." Jean has a bias for action, based on thoughtful consideration of the issues, and she believes strongly in the potential of collaborative leadership.

Jean is a popular Webinar presenter for ExecuNet, a national company which has helped top-flight executives succeed in their careers and business for over 25 years, providing on-line job search, leadership forums, webinars and networking for senior level executives. She has led the Oregon and SW Washington networking group since she was selected by ExecuNet in 2001, bringing together leaders in the region to network and share career experinces. The group meets monthly.

Jean has been internationally certified as a Career Management Fellow (CMF) and is a Past Chair of the Board of Governors of ICC International, the only independent, not-for-profit international board certification for career management professionals. There are 12 governors from countries throughout the world. She is also Past Chair of the ICC Global Ambassadors, twenty leaders in the field from 13 countries.

Jean is a former Managing Partner of Pathways/OI Partners Inc., a leading career services firm in Portland, Oregon. She is a past member of the Board of Directors and has been VP of Research and Development for OI Partners, which has over 200 offices worldwide. OI Partners provides Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Talent Management, Outplacement, Management Consulting and Organizational Development Consulting to companies and individuals.

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What do clients and peer professionals say about her?

"Thank you for your time, energy, and ideas. I can read books on theory, concepts and models forever. You got right to the heart of HOW to start the happening of Change."

"You out-classed your competitors with your inter-personal skills and your listening to our needs."

"Marvelous presentation style...down to earth information presented with humor. A phenomenal perspective, both practical and inspiring."

"You have a great talent for energizing people, giving them a sense of who they are and finding what will bring back the twinkle in their eyes. You have the experience, insight and empathy that sets you apart from the crowd, making you a top professional in your field."

"She is a superb educator, an open, honest, thinking and available professional. Her knowledge of the many and complex issues surrounding job loss is unparalleled. Her expertise in the techniques of job development makes her a source of life-blood for those of us who find ourselves out of work, or for those of us who think age prevents our leaving a miserable situation."

"Jean has studied and pondered the age-factor in career development but she has also mastered the psychology for helping others to deal with the natural highs and lows buffeting us on this unemployment roller coaster. She is a caring and compassionate human being, and she brings intensity and enthusiasm, fuel that serves as a powerful source of motivation."

"I have heard Dr. Walker speak countless times on all kinds of subjects. She is a natural teacher/entertainer, able to make complex subjects both interesting and fun for the participants. No matter how large the audience, she is a master at establishing rapport and eliciting interaction."

"The challenges she steps us through in her process deal with the way we can assemble our strengths to become a total, really powerful force."

"Jean's management style is guided by vision, understanding, and an uncompromising sense of what will be best for the organization and its people. Working with her provides one with the unique experience of seeing principled management philosophy in action."

"You've given us all new confidence."

Contact Information

Jean Erickson Walker, Ed.D., CMF
Executive Coach, Portland OR

Phone: (503) 816-5956
Skype: jeangwalker



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